July 21-22, 2020


*Virtual events will take place in Eastern Standard Time*

IBM Executive Kick-off

  • Jason Kelley, General Manager, Blockchain Services, IBM

Vinturas Finished Vehicle Supply Chain on Blockchain

Today’s automotive logistics infrastructure is characterized by scattered information flows and multiple legacy systems, making it impossible to trace vehicles on their way to the dealer. Mileage fraud is a growing concern in cross-border processes in Europe. Vinturas operates a digital, blockchain-based platform providing end-to-end visibility in the finished vehicle supply chain, from factory to dealer, leading to more transparency, to greater efficiency, to an improved customer journey and to lower costs.

  • Jon Kuiper, CEO, Vinturas

Networking Break

Trust Your Supplier – Seamless Supplier Management in the Face of Supply Constraint

The global pandemic has placed extreme pressure on our planet’s interconnected supply chains. Strong and normally steady supply lines have faltered, affecting both consumers and businesses in profound ways. Here at Chainyard, we’ve been focused on preparing supply chains for just these situations. A year ago we launched Trust Your Supplier, in partnership with IBM, and today the network is growing in profound ways and enabling businesses to make important on-boarding and sourcing decisions faster and more confidently than ever. Join this session to learn more about Trust Your Supplier and what we’re doing to address the inefficiencies and risks associated with supplier management.

  • Gary Storr, General Manager – Trust Your Supplier

Data are the centerpiece of truly lean supply chains

Today’s global supply chains operate at incredible velocity and with ever-increasing complexity. Indeed, they represent some of the most advanced and complex operational systems on earth - though that complexity is filled with visible and invisible costs. Maersk has the ambition to be the world’s largest provider of integrated supply chain solutions. We work diligently with customers and partners to optimize and reduce costs by considering the entire context of their supply chains – driving efficiencies for all involved. Today, the opportunities to further improve efficiency, example reduce expense safety stock levels, lies in more efficient distribution of data. Our investment in blockchain and specifically TradeLens, is how we believe we can get there together.

  • Daniel Wilson, Head of Strategy and Operations, TradeLens, GTD Solution

Closing Remarks

  • Marni Edelhart, Vice President, Content & Engagement, Momentum Enterprise

Networking Break

Opening Remarks

  • Marni Edelhart, Vice President, Content & Engagement, Momentum Enterprise

Executive Fireside Chat

US Customs and Border Patrol Innovation Director Vincent Annuziato sees great promise in how technologies like blockchain can completely revamp supply chain practices as we know them. In this conversation with IBM's Jason Kelley he will address the following points:

  1. Interoperability and Developing Trust Between Parties
  2. Why Supply Chain Needs Blockchain
  3. Current Blockchain Supply Chain Projects Underway at US CBP
  • Vincent Annunziato, Director at Customs and Border Protection
  • Jason Kelley, General Manager, IBM Blockchain Services

Building Tansformative Ecosystems with Blockchain: Farmer Connect and creating a circular coffee economy

Coffee consumers, particularly younger ones, increasingly want to know that their coffee is being produced in a sustainable, ethical way that provides a meaningful livelihood for the farmers and growers. Farmer Connect, a data sharing platform built on IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, connects coffee growers, traders, roasters and consumers, enabling them to share data that benefits each ecosystem actor, while also growing the coffee market and incentivizing sustainability. Hear from Farmer Connect and its members about how they have built the ecosystem that is transforming their industry.
  • Paul W. Chang, Blockchain Sales Lead, Distribution and Industrial Markets IBM
  • Michael Chrisment, CEO, Farmer Connect
  • Bart Van Helleputte, COO, Beyers Koffie
  • Tracy May Adair,  Senior Director, Green Coffee Supply Operations at The J.M. Smucker Company

Networking & Join our Virtual Exhibit

Business Partner Summit Panel – Addressing Supply Chain Needs

Supply chain has always been a critical component to how many or most industries run on a daily basis. This year, more than ever, the supply chain needs have been thrust into the forefront. Visibility to supply, speed and efficiency to access, and trust and reliability are no doubt the tenets of this very important arena. In this exclusive showcase, Join IBM and two IBM Business Partners who have been leading the way in helping clients to achieve greater efficiencies and outcomes using IBM Blockchain technology in their solutions.

  • Deborah Kestin - Schildkraut, Global Program Director, Business Partner Ecosystem Marketing Leader, IBM Blockchain Marketing
  • Gary Storr, General Manager of the Trust Your Supplier network
  • Nick Kammerman, Head of Business Development at Chateaux Software

Practitioner’s view: Advance your digital supply chain with blockchain

IBM's global supply chain is on it's journey to digital supply chain, using disruptive technologies including AI, blockchain and IoT, not only to improve productivity for the supply chain workforce, but also to increase trust and transparency in supplier networks to elevate the critical role supply chains play in today's businesses. Join this session to learn how blockchain can advance your supply chain and broader business networks in areas of electronics provenance, logistics, and supplier onboarding, as told from a practitioner view.

  • Galen Smith, IBM Systems Supply Chain, Chief PO for Blockchain.

Closing Remarks

  • Marni Edelhart, Vice President, Content & Engagement, Momentum Enterprise

Networking & Join our Virtual Exhibit

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