NOVEMBER 17-18, 2020

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Welcome and Virtual Event Introduction

Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, Momentum Events

Welcome & Review of Agenda

Anthony Day, Partner, IBM Global Business Services

Blockchain Inside – The Power of “And”

Faced with the demands of the pandemic, companies are finding there is a dire need to accelerate their digital transformation, building up resiliency, adaptability, and the ability to respond. Blockchain contributes to all of that, but even more powerful by fusing it into hybrid cloud and AI.

Join Martha Bennett, VP, and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM Blockchain where they discuss the key lessons learned from the pandemic, latest client examples, and the power of blockchain and hybrid cloud/AI.

Martha Bennett, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester
Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM Blockchain

Advancing Global Trade by Connecting Better with Trust

Digitization to reduce the cost of trade is good, but the pandemic is indicating that digitizing is not enough.  A trusted movement of data is needed in the workflows offered by platforms.  Based on our latest global study, Enterprises and Platforms need to work together better in the “new norm” with trust and transparency.
This panel discussion looks at the “state of the nation” from experts from a Bank and Corporate POV with insights from a country where trade is it’s core economy while tapping into the lens of industry.
Our experts will help get answers to key questions and concerns:
  • What is happening to the economy/enterprises/banks as a consequence of COVID?
  • What initiatives are considered to take hold or should be launched to go forward?
  • How ready (score out of 10) are we to respond or what should we be doing next and why?

Parm Sangha, Executive Partner and Global Blockchain Leader, Trade and Trade Finance, IBM
Wai Yee Choo, Director at Networked Trade Platform at Singapore Customs
Emmanuelle Ganne, International trade expert and blockchain enthusiast; Senior Analyst, Economic Research Department at WTO
Shehan Silva, Senior Manager, Global Commercial Banking at HSBC Commercial Banking

Design scalable blockchain networks that drive business outcomes

It takes more than an innovative idea to achieve blockchain success. IBM’s integrated capabilities bring enterprises together through blockchain governance, business value, and technology, earning honors as the leading blockchain services provider in the world. Join the webinar to learn how to design and create successful and growing business networks.

Mark Cudden, Chief Technology Officer,
Krystal Webber, Global Design & Strategy Leader, IBM Blockchain Services, IBM

Live Q&A with Krystal Webber

Walk-thru of several Financial Services Industry use cases for blockchain that are live and creating competitive advantage today.

Financial Services firms are seeing significant benefits from several different blockchain deployments. Come hear about several use cases that you can likely deploy in your FS business rapidly that can lower costs, speed decision making, reduced risk, all while laying the foundation for business innovation that generates new revenue streams. Come hear from IBM global blockchain experts who have seen first hand several diverse live use cases for blockchain in the financial services industries. No need to blaze a new trail when there are already use cases you can learn from and replicate in your company to begin receiving benefits much quicker than you think!

Heran Shah, Executive – Global Sales IBM Blockchain Platform
Saket Sinha, Global Vice President & Blockchain Leader – Financial Services

Networking Break

Accountability through transparency in the construction industry

A construction project, irrespective of the size, typically has multiple organizations working on individual projects, which is then hopefully brought together to an aligned project schedule balanced according to time, cost and quality of the project itself. The industry is prone to corruption, mismanagement, and inefficiencies due to the fact that alignment across the many participants of the project is disjointed. DoshEx created their Sherlock solution to create accountability through trust and transparency with an IoT-enabled Smart Contract Network, running on the IBM Blockchain Platform. Join us to hear more.

Debbie Kestin, IBM Global Program Director, Blockchain Ecosystem Marketing Leader
Alex de Bruyn, CEO, DoshEx

Fireside Chat – Building supply chain agility: how Blockchain is transforming the biopharma supply chain

Real-time visibility into product location and conditions is critical in many supply chains, including pharmaceuticals. Hear from Sonoco, about the industry initiative they are convening to leverage the trust and transparency of blockchain to address some of the most pressing needs in biopharma supply.

Christopher Day, Director, Marketing & Innovation, Sonoco
Santosh Menon, Global Head Integrations & Analytics at Sonoco IT

Platform Session

How Blockchain is paving the way for innovative Financial and Investor services.
Come hear how blockchain is helping to make it easier to raise capital and provide new services for investors.  Jamie Finn is co-founder and president of Securitize.  Jamie will be sharing how blockchain is helping to modernize capital markets by making digital securities easier to own, simpler to manage and faster to trade.   Bhanu Ratnakaram is the head of Blockchain development at Globacap.  He will share how blockchain is helping them to simplify previous complex, slow and manual proesses to improve the flow of private capital by digitizing the administrative process.

Alan Dickinson IBM Host
Jamie Finn, Co-Founder and President, Securitize
Bhanu Ratnakarm, Head of Blockchain Development, GlobaCap

Closing Remarks

Anthony Day, Blockchain Partner, IBM

Welcome and Virtual Event Introduction

Marni Edelhart, VP, Content, Momentum Events

IBM Digital Health Pass: Making Safe Return to Work, Travel and Public Places A Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many of our beloved institutions. Looking ahead, there is a need to help people return to aspects of their daily lives such as work, travel, and cultural events. A new solution built on blockchain technology is designed to address this ambitious challenge and provide a new way to give individuals unprecedented control of their personal health data in the process.

Speakers: Jason Kelley, GM, IBM Blockchain Services
Eric Piscini, Global VP Payer and Emerging Business Networks, IBM Watson Health
Anthony Day, Blockchain Partner, IBM

Fireside Chat – Blockchain Adoption 2021: Going Mainstream Through Enterprise Use

Only a few years ago, enterprises started showing interest in blockchain as a technology. Today, as the market matures, more companies are viewing blockchain less as technology and more as a business tool. Join Rachel Wolfson of Cointelegraph and Alistair Rennie of IBM as they discuss blockchain’s increasing impact on business, the effect of the pandemic, and its path to integrate with AI and Cloud.

Alistair Rennie, General Manager, IBM Blockchain
Rachel Wolfson, Reporter, Cointelegraph

Turning greenhouse gas into a resource with blockchain

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind today. Single-use plastic demand is on the rise, driven by the world’s need for products that promote hygiene and convenience.  At the same time, there is a growing sense of urgency globally to identify cost-effective and scalable solutions to reduce the pace of plastic accumulation in the world’s oceans.

Newlight aims to help tackle this challenge by reducing greenhouse gas levels through a carbon capture process that uses an IBM®Blockchain to create an indelible record of each step in the transformation of greenhouse gas to high-performance AirCarbon biomaterials. Join us to hear this unique use case about blockchain’s role in their ocean-degradable foodware products and even eyewear that works for people and the planet.

Debbie Kestin, IBM Global Program Director, Blockchain Ecosystem Marketing Leader
Bill Stark, President, Cognition Foundry
Mark Herrema, CEO, Newlight Technologies

Fireside Chat: Future of Economy is More Decentralized and Trusted

A whirlwind of uncertainty landed on us this year, and it forced everyone to reimagine and change the way we live and work together. In this session, Michael Casey of CoinDesk and Jason Kelley of IBM reflect on 2020 and discuss the trend in decentralization. In which space the use case is surging? How is it reshaping our works and lives? What should we look out for in 2021? Join the session to hear from the experts.

Michael Casey, Chief Content Officer, CoinDesk
Jason Kelley, General Manager, IBM Blockchain Services

From Pre-Production To Post-Production: How Blockchain is Reengineering the Media Value Chain

The demand and consumption of content have been on an exponential rise in recent years. Viewers are demanding more content and to address this requirement, media companies are producing more titles on a regular basis. It seems we are in the middle of ‘content wars’ where both linear broadcasters and Over-the-Top (OTT) providers want to create more intriguing content than ever before. Needless to say, this ‘mad rush’ has also raised concerns around illegal distribution, content infringement, and piracy of original content that leads to several millions of dollars of revenue losses for media production houses and other content creators.

Blockchain-based Contracts and Rights Management System (bCRMS) is an end-to-end platform for the M&E industry developed by Tech Mahindra that helps production houses and content owners to automate contracts, manage rights and royalty payments with talent, fulfillment partners, and multi-level distributors, in addition, to restrict unauthorized redistribution of content and prevent piracy. It leverages techniques like blockchain-based forensic watermarking and content hashing to maintain the sanctity of data as it moves through the media content value chain.

Built on Blockchain’s Hyperledger Fabric protocol and hosted on IBM’s IBP 2.0 platform, bCRMS further enables organizations to create their own chains (Do-it-yourself) in their micro and macro ecosystems to collaborate and enhance revenues, pre-empt contracts or IPR infringement, and focus on redefining end customer’s content consumption experience. Join us to hear more about bCRMS and how it can help Media and Entertainment companies disrupt the media content value chain.

Debbie Kestin, IBM Global Program Director, Blockchain Ecosystem Marketing Leader
Rajesh Dhuddu, Tech Mahindra, Vice President and Global Practice Leader, Blockchain and Cybersecurity
Sumit Grover, Tech Mahindra, Sr. Vice President & Business Head, Cable, Media & Entertainment

Blockchain in Action: Taking a look at platforms to transfer private and illiquid assets and blockchain global services that can create solutions in many industries.

In this session, we will take a look at Blockchain in action. Come hear from Jared Klee, President of Triple Point Liquidity about a solution to process transactions involving private and illiquid assets with a blockchain enhanced transfer agency platform. We will also discuss how TCS – Quartz is helping use blockchain to foster collaboration between multiple organizations in a value chain, eliminating redundancies, and reducing risk, and save time. TSC-Quartz is exploring blockchain use in areas as varied as digital identities and registries, payments, settlements, information exchange, trade finance, e-Governance, healthcare, insurance, supply chain, the provenance of commodities, music, art, among others.

Heran Shah, Executive – Global Sales IBM Blockchain Platform
Jared Klee, President, Triple Point Liquidity
Raghu Krishnamurthy, Head of Global Sales, TCS-Quartz


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