Patrick Manasse

Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer @ MonetaGo

Patrick Manasse is the Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer at MonetaGo, a Blockchain technology company based in New York City. Following his degree in Economics from McGill University, Mr. Manasse completed his Juris Doctor at Bond University in Australia. The bulk of his formal legal career took place in New York City working for Guzov Ofsink, a firm specializing in Corporate and Commercial Litigation. In 2014, Mr. Manasse co-founded MonetaGo to provide blockchain solutions to financial institutions. MonetaGo is recognized in the industry as having released the first enterprise blockchain system used in day-to-day operations by the financial services sector. Importantly, this was accomplished using Hyperledger Fabric which is hosted by The Linux Foundation and which does not use any form of cryptocurrencies or tokens. The MonetaGo Fraud Mitigation Network was integrated with all Receivables Exchanges mandated by India‚Äôs Central Bank in March 2018. The platform prevents fraudulent financings in factoring. SWIFT India is currently in the process of integrating the service for its Member Banks. In addition, a second network is currently in development for deployment in Latin America which will leverage R3’s Corda platform.