Marni Edelhart

Vice President, Content & Engagement @ Momentum Enterprise

Marnina (“Marni”) Edelhart is Vice President of Content & Engagement at Momentum Enterprise. Marni joined the Momentum team as Director of Content & Experience in the spring of 2015. After 7+ years of producing events that explore the intersections of business and technology, Marni has developed the cross-industry, multi-vertical relationships that foster exciting conversations and inspire innovation.

​In developing each new project, Marni connects with and learns from the brightest minds shaping what’s next for creative business leaders​. The knowledge gleaned over years of such interactions has led to successful events that address topics ranging from Social Engagement to Digital Transformation to Retail/CPG Collaboration to Marketing Analytics to Blockchain and beyond. Marni not only recruits the speakers and writes the programs for this wide range of events, but also oversees the year round engagement of the valued Momentum Community. If you have the chance to meet Marni at an event, don’t hesitate to share new ideas, she’s always looking for what’s coming around the bend.When not working on an event, Marni can be found in the woods or along the beaches of the Pacific Northwest where she lives in Seattle with her four dogs Sonic, Mackenzie, Piper and Gus.