NOVEMBER 17-18, 2020


The Blockchain Opportunity Summit offers a singularly case-study driven examination of Blockchain Technology’s ability to impact corporate strategy and success.

This event takes you beyond Blockchain the buzzword to Blockchain the impactful platform that offers your company increased:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • and Security

Join us Novemeber 17th – 18th to learn about real use cases presented by real corporate leaders using Blockchain Technology to Advance Global Trade, Drive Business Outcomes, and Recover and/or Strengthen their Business in the Face of Pending Challenges.

Top Three Reasons to Attend The Blockchain Opportunity Summit

1. Understand Blockchain in practice not just theory
2. Connect with the visionaries like you who know the Blockchain is soooo much more than Bitcoin
3. Gain a tactical approach for actually implementing Blockchain solutions for your business

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