Nathan Lands

Co-Founder & CEO @ Binded

Nathan Lands is a technology, entertainment and crypto entrepreneur. He began selling virtual goods in 1999 and got involved in crypto in 2011.

Nathan is the founder of Binded, a company that helps artists protect their copyrights on the blockchain.

Nathan coined the term “gamify”. He built and sold, the most popular gamification website, to Badgeville. He co-founded several other technology companies, including GameStreamer, which raised $10 million. GameStreamer competed with Gaikai and OnLive to build a game streaming platform.

At age 9 he survived a tornado at home in Alabama. He and his mother were under rubble for hours before being rescued. At age 10 he got his first computer and began programming and hacking games for fun. He then co-created a notorious hacker group on EFnet.

At age 14 he quit the group and co-created one of the top guilds on EverQuest. He made money selling virtual goods which allowed him to invest in tech stocks and travel Asia. He then lived in Taiwan, studied Mandarin Chinese and acted in TV commercials.

At GameStreamer, Nathan worked on product, marketing and strategic partnerships. He build relationships and negotiated contracts with most major game publishers. He also signed the only contract ever with IceFrog’s DotA. After GameStreamer, Nathan consulted for video-game design legend David Perry at Gaikai. He introduced major game publishers and played a role in several key strategic decisions.

At Gamify, Nathan received a $200k donation from a friend to start the company. Gamify built a gamification platform, like Badgeville. It became clear that gamification was a consulting business so the Gamify team disbanded.